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10 Most Secure Web Browsers

A secure browser with privacy protection is a critical tool for browsing the Internet and keeping your data safe from strangers. This article discusses the most reliable browsers that provide maximum privacy on the global network.

More about browser functionality

The Internet exists as a global information network for storing, transmitting, and processing information that requires appropriate software, a kind of gateway that opens the way to the virtual world of the Internet. Such programs are called browsers. The use of the Internet with the help of these programs is possible not only for personal purposes but also to improve the work of the organization, improve the communication process in enterprises, the speed of management decisions, etc.

The most popular web browsers, in addition to the standard Internet Explorer, are Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Avant Browser, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. But what about security matters?

Comparison of security of popular Internet browsers

Consideration of security issues in the use of popular modern browsers for the Windows platform is designed to raise the issue of security in the use of modern Internet technologies against the background of their increasing popularity and increasingly strong entry into the lives of every modern person.

The browser industry exists mainly due to indirect sources of income. All popular browsers can either be installed for free or  are built into one or another operating system. Recall that Internet Explorer is built into Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 98, and Safari is integrated into Mac OS. Accordingly, it is impossible to compete with Internet browser manufacturers using economic levers of influence. Most users prefer one or another browser because of the beautiful interface, speed, and usability, or the presence of some extensions.

At the same time, the degree of security of the browser itself is often forgotten or deliberately omitted. After all, directly through the browser, we view the content of websites. Through the browser, we visit the websites of Internet banks, pay for goods and services, use online services, or exchange confidential information. It is the browser’s primary responsibility for security on the Web.

Top 10 most secure Web browsers

The following browser list includes such options:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Apple Safari
  4. Opera
  5. Tor
  6. Microsoft Edge
  7. Safari
  8. Brave
  9. Pale Moon
  10. Google Chrome
  11. Vivaldi

Let’s see what security measures the creators of these browsers have taken.

For instance, Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser. Unfortunately, this is an industrial-scale data collection tool and not the best choice for those who are concerned about their privacy. You can be sure that all your actions in the browser are tracked, saved to a profile file, and used for targeted advertising.

Internet Explorer and Edge are closed source, so no one can tell what’s going on inside. For this reason alone, it is not the best choice in terms of privacy.

Apple provides privacy better than other tech giants. The browser blocks third-party cookies by default and uses firewall protection.

Firefox is an excellent overall browser with a good level of privacy and security. It offers solid privacy features, tons of customization options, great security, and regular updates thanks to an active development team.

Opera will be ideal for people who want to hide their activity on the Internet. A good alternative for you also can be Brave browser. It is an open-source browser with a focus on protecting user privacy.