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Is Malwarebytes Safe? Explanation is Below

In January 2008, Malwarebytes released its first antivirus product. Version 3.0 has already been released on December 8, 2016. Although it is one of the youngest services, it offers a wide range of features and it is translated ta various languages. However, some people are wondering about is Malwarebytes safe. And in this article, we will try to answer this question.

Functions of Malware

The number of functions available to the Malware user depends on which version of the antivirus program he or she has chosen. Therefore, for private use, there are two options: free and premium. In addition, a number of additional features are opened in the corporate version of the anti-virus.

Free Version

The free version of Malware essentially consists of a scanner that detects various types of malware on a computer. However, it will have to be started manually. And it does not provide any additional features. Due to the lack of a large number of functions, the free version can work in parallel with other antivirus software.

Malware Premium

The main tool of Malware Premium is intelligent protection. It is based on the absence of databases by which the antivirus would compare file codes. In other words, smart scanning is built with behavior in mind, not virus code. This avoids their penetration into the system.

Despite the absence of databases, this intelligent protection is effective. The reason is that even new viruses are built on the logic of old ones. At least they use their methods partly. Due to this, the intelligent system detects malware at the initial stage of infection.

Phishing Protection

Another significant feature is phishing protection. It not only will not allow you to go to a suspicious site. This system will scan the certificate issued to the site as well as its root certificate. It will also prevent attempts to automatically redirect the user to another site. In addition, the system protects against the use of hidden Java scripts. It also prevents malware from entering the operating system. The protection will work even if the vulnerability of the browser itself was exploited.

Other Safety Features

The pros and cons of Malware include several additional features. For example, they include an anti-encryptor. This function prevents the software from encrypting data on the PC without notifying the user. In addition, quarantine is available. This is a great solution for advanced users. In this way, suspicious software is not removed immediately but is sent to quarantine, thereby making it harmless. However, it is up to the user to decide the fate of these files and programs.

If he thinks that it is necessary to remove them, then he will have the opportunity to do so. Or he can return files and programs from quarantine at his own risk.

Additionally, the antivirus has reports and schedules. The first function allows you to receive up-to-date information about the state of your operating system. The schedule concerns the time of checks and the execution of other tasks by the program. It can be adjusted independently by choosing the appropriate times and actions.