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What to do if I Forgot Avast Password?

The Avast antivirus provides password protection for antivirus settings, protection control, and scanning, access to quarantine, and removal of the antivirus. If you forgot your Avast antivirus password, you can disable it manually or using a special utility. In this article, we will answer the question of “What to do if I forgot Avast Password?”

What to Do If You Forgot Your Avast Password – Password Reset Instructions

If password protection is enabled in avast antivirus, then when you try to disable protection or change antivirus settings, an authorization window will appear with the text “An attempt to enter the avast protected area has been registered.” The action will be canceled if an incorrect password is entered.

Also, without knowing the password, it will be impossible to remove the antivirus. If you have forgotten your program password, you can reset your Avast Antivirus password by following the instructions below.

Resetting Your Avast and Avg Antivirus Password Using the Avast Password Reset Tool

Please note that this is not an official tool for disabling Avast password. The utility was developed by programmers to automate the actions described later in the article. But the utility has been tested on many antivirus versions and operating systems. If the utility does not work correctly, then try to download a different version.

So, first, boot Windows into Safe Mode. To do this, while turning on the computer, press and hold the F8 key, then use the up and down arrows to select “Safe mode” and press the Enter key.

After this, run the avast_pass_reset.bat utility. To launch the utility, press any key in the console window. After the message “Avast Password Reset Completed! Please, reboot your PC” appears, press any key to exit. Then restart your computer. After rebooting, the antivirus password will be disabled.

Then you can set a new password if necessary. To set a new password, in the antivirus settings, on the “General” tab (in some versions, the “Password” tab), check the “Protect Avast with a password” item and enter the new password twice. Also, check which areas of the antivirus will be protected by password and click “OK.”

How to Reset Avast and AVG Antivirus Password Manually

  • For this, do the following actions:
  • Boot Windows into Safe Mode.

Then, enable the display of hidden folders and files. Open Control Panel and open “Folder Options” or “Folder Property.” Then go to the “View” tab and at the bottom of the list check the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” item. Also, uncheck “Hide protected system files” and confirm the action by clicking “OK.”

In Windows Vista / 7/8/10, delete the aswResp.dat file from the following folders:

  • C: \ ProgramData \ AVAST Software \ Avast \
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Alwil Software \ Avast \
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Avg \ Antivirus \

After deleting the file, restart your computer. After rebooting, the antivirus password will be disabled.